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Ala Rent s.r.l. RENTSALESUPPORT special foundation

Equipment and machinery rental
Offer a machine and equipment fleet to rent for a minimum period, that can vary according to the specific needs of the client, with two main advantages:

  • Reduce the management costs of the client equipment until:

  • Give quality to the labor, thanks to specialized technicians guaranteeing support at:
Our services
  • Rental service of machinery and auxiliary equipment
  • Sale of drilling construction material
  • Supply of permanent or temporary anchors
  • Technical support on job sites and workshops

Alarent srl ensures a prompt technical support service on job sites, to repair damaged machines, offers a system of scheduled maintenance of the client equipment and a service of complete revision of the machinery, punctual, fast and reliable delivery and collection. It also provides, upon request, technical advice about the performance of the work, and machine operator trainings.

Alarent srl provides a broad range of drilling and consolidation tools:

  • Crowns for drilling tubes
  • Threaded and fractioned augers
  • Twister
  • Tremie pipes
  • Core barrels
  • Buckets
  • Rock and soil augers
  • Permanent and temporary anchors

Street Giardino snc , Sesto Campano 86078 Isernia
P.iva: 00916880941
Tel.: +39 081 8359322

Ala Rent srl

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